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Nicaragua | Day 7 | 14 Days With Love

love nicaragua

In July of 2012 we fell in love with Nicaragua while visiting the areas surrounding Matagalpa. The women you see in this photo run the Las Nubes coffee cooperative. They work hard harvesting coffee, transporting coffee, and planning for the future. Their main desire is to be able to educate their children. It’s what they work for. And with our Nicaraguan coffee, it’s what we work for. -Joe

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Hope | Day 4 | 14 Days With Love

hope nicaragua

Look at that smile! That smile is what happens when hope becomes reality. In Nicaragua, we visited the home of Don Francisco. His wife was showing us around her kitchen. They had running water, a rarity in the mountains, a toilet (even more rare!), electricity (unheard of!), and the ability to provide an education for their children. Don’s story is truly an amazing one. A story of a man with hope for better coffee prices and better access to world markets, and the results of his hope combined with years of hard work. -Joe

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Coffee | Day 3 | 14 Days With Love

coffee love nicaragua

While I do love coffee for the same reasons many others do, for me, it goes a bit deeper. After falling in love with Uganda and her people, I found that coffee could be a catalyst to change in Uganda. And quickly realized it didn’t need to end there. Coffee could be used to bring change throughout the world – in Uganda, Nicaragua, and many more countries throughout Africa, Central America, South America, and Asia. So, join me, and love your coffee. -Joe

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Don Francisco's Home

coffee education hospitality nicaragua poverty

We love being part of a success story, and Don Francisco’s is hard to beat. He’s a true inspiration to us at Three Avocados. His farm is simply beautiful. In fact, it’s some of the most beautiful land we’ve ever seen. There are fragrant flowers and colorful butterflies all over the place. The views are stunning, as seen above, and we couldn’t wait to get a tour. We checked out the coffee and were thrilled to see the pride in Don Francisco’s eyes as he told us how he cared for his coffee. Soon we were lead up to the...

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Don Francisco

coffee nicaragua

Meet Don Francisco, one of the farmers we work with in Nicaragua. He grows some amazing coffee. In fact, it’s some of the best we’ve ever had. We are excited to announce that we have some of Don Francisco’s coffee in stock and ready for purchase. As always, Nicaragua coffee purchases go to provide education materials to schools within the coffee communities we work in. Over the next few weeks we will be taking you on a tour of Don Francisco’s home and his coffee farm. We want you to see some of the farmers your purchases are directly impacting....

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