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Nichole Nordeman and My Life Goal

dreams goals nichole nordeman

I have an email that perpetually sits in my inbox. OK, so there’s more than one in there. But there’s one that’s on purpose. It’s from 2/2/2010, right as I was in the process of founding Three Avocados. Subject: goal Body: to build an organization that can outlast me and continue to do good for the poor in developing countries long beyond my years. I will never forget the moment I sent myself that email. I was sitting at the stoplight at the intersection of Page & Scheutz in St. Louis. I was listening to “Legacy” by Nichole Nordeman. I had...

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This Letter From Three High School Students Brought Me To Tears

coffee dreams poverty

If you follow this blog at all, you know that I struggle with depression. It hits at unexplainable times and often has the effect of making me like I’m failing at [fill in virtually anything here]. If you follow our Twitter account, you know that I tweet a lot about never giving up. Honestly, so many of those tweets are meant for me. They’re thoughts I tell myself, that I decide to share with the world. Over the past two weeks, I’ve had bouts of feeling like Three Avocados isn’t doing enough. That we’re not making a big enough impact....

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4 Years, Clean Water for 20,000

clean water coffee dreams

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been four years! I remember the day in 2010 when we had coffee ready to sell for the first time. I had no idea how we were going to sell the few hundred bags of coffee I had sitting in my dining room. But I had faith that it would sell and that soon, we’d be ready to make more. Fast-forward four years and thousands of pounds of coffee later; 20,000 people now have clean drinking water. It’s amazing to see what Three Avocados is turning into. And we’re just getting started. I...

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Fox 2 St. Louis Interview with Three Avocados Founder, Joe Koenig

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To learn more about Three Avocados or to purchase coffee, visit

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Dreams | Day 8 | 14 Days With Love

dreams nicaragua

Everyone needs a dream. Three Avocados was born out of a dream and continues to be a dream for me. With access to clean water, better hygiene, and education, the dreams of the next generation can come true. So chase your dreams, and never give up. The world needs you. -Joe

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