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Exceptional Coffee

World Wonders represents some of the best coffees from around the globe. Each World Wonders edition is carefully selected, roasted in small batches, and is only available in very limited quantities. Once they're gone, you may never see them again. 


World Wonders coffees are chosen with sustainability in mind. We look for practices such as organic farming, natural processing (which reduces water usage), and proper shade trees and farm management. It's not only important to protect our planet, but ensures longevity for the farmers as well.


World Wonders coffees come from small microlots, traceable back to individual farms. Farmers are incentivized and rewarded for producing high-quality coffees. Partners in the field work with farmers to educate them on improving farming practices and which coffee varieties will bring them the highest earnings.

Ethiopia has a long and rich history with coffee. After all, it is often regarded as the birthplace of coffee. In Ethiopia, coffee IS culture. Much like in the U.S., coffee is used as a conversation starter, and being invited for coffee is a sign of friendship and respect.

We are proud to have this Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Microlot as our World Wonders coffee for Spring '24. This specific microlot comes from Kefyalew Obese, who is, at minimum, a fourth generation coffee farmer.

This coffee was processed using a natural, anaerobic method. This unique method amplifies the natural flavors in the coffee. In this case, the fruit flavors present absolutely jump out of the cup.

In this coffee, we taste blueberry, a sweet jam, kiwi, and green apple. This is truly a remarkable coffee and one of the most complex flavor profiles we have ever had the joy of experiencing!

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nicaraguan coffee farmer with bowl of coffee cherries
coffee farmer in nicaragua preparing to sort coffee cherries
Kafyalew - an Ethiopian coffee farmer
coffee farmer transporting coffee on a horse
a family preparing coffee to dry in nicaragua