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Exceptional Coffee

World Wonders represents some of the best coffees from around the globe. Each World Wonders edition is carefully selected, roasted in small batches, and is only available in very limited quantities. Once they're gone, you may never see them again. 


World Wonders coffees are chosen with sustainability in mind. We look for practices such as organic farming, natural processing (which reduces water usage), and proper shade trees and farm management. It's not only important to protect our planet, but ensures longevity for the farmers as well.


World Wonders coffees come from small microlots, traceable back to individual farms. Farmers are incentivized and rewarded for producing high-quality coffees. Partners in the field work with farmers to educate them on improving farming practices and which coffee varieties will bring them the highest earnings.

This microlot comes from small farms in the Jinotega and Matagalpa area of Nicaragua. This Pacamara bean is naturally processed, resulting in an absolutely exceptional coffee, with notes of papaya, mango, apple, and blackberries. 

Our import partner's staff stand on the farms of partner producers to ensure that picking is at optimal ripeness according to color, brix refractometer (sugar) readings, and expert experience.

About the Pacamara Variety
Pacamara is a cross between Pacas (a natural mutation of Bourbon) and Maragogype, which is a natural mutation of Typica. It consistently gives us very juicy notes, reminiscent of drinking apple juice or white grape juice, and has an incredibly smooth body that coats your tongue like honey. It is more challenging to grow than some other varieties such as Caturra, but the flavor dividend is incredible!

When processed as a natural, its enormous cherry has more fruit to it than other varieties, and as it dries, more fruitiness and sugars seep into the bean—creating a flavor explosion!

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