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Don Francisco's Home

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We love being part of a success story, and Don Francisco’s is hard to beat. He’s a true inspiration to us at Three Avocados.

His farm is simply beautiful. In fact, it’s some of the most beautiful land we’ve ever seen. There are fragrant flowers and colorful butterflies all over the place. The views are stunning, as seen above, and we couldn’t wait to get a tour.

We checked out the coffee and were thrilled to see the pride in Don Francisco’s eyes as he told us how he cared for his coffee.

Soon we were lead up to the house. We walked inside and couldn’t believe our eyes. Inside there was running water (from a pump), a toilet, a working stove that vented through the roof, a little electricity, and a sink.

This was a stark difference from the majority of tin shacks we had visited without running water and no latrines anywhere to be found.

We were introduced to Don’s wife and she told us how proud she was of her family. That growing and selling coffee at a fair cost was providing a better life for their family, especially their children. This family started with so little and created so much.

Three Avocados is proud to partner with Don Francisco and his family. To purchase his coffee, visit our website . And, don’t forget! For a limited time only, create a new autoshipand receive a FREE Tumbler!

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