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It Feels Different This Year

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World Water Day feels quite a bit different this year. The world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous countries are under strict lockdown, numerous U.S. cities are under stay-at-home orders, and the news doesn’t seem to be getting better. To be honest with you, I struggled with what to do to celebrate World Water Day. It almost feels inappropriate to celebrate anything right now. It almost feels inappropriate to point attention at the population of the world that lacks access to clean drinking water (there’s 785 million of them, by the way). As I reflect on what...

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The Well in Mbulamuti

2018 has presented a very special opportunity for me at Three Avocados. Our friends at Hearts & Hope for Uganda let us know that a few wells in villages they work with were in need of repairs. The two villages, Nakabango and Mbulamuti, were stops on my first trip to Uganda in 2010. I've written about Mbulamuti before. You can find my previous posts about Mbulamuti here, here, and here. I fell in love with Uganda as soon as I stepped off the plane, however, Mbulamuti solidified that love forever for me. It's such an amazing place. It was once...

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The Boy From Mbulamuti

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Many people are familiar with the story of where the name Three Avocados came from, however, there’s another village in Uganda that holds an extremely special place in my heart: Mbulamuti (pronounced muh-boo-la-moo-tee…I think). On my first trip to Uganda in 2010, Mbulamuti captured my heart. You see, Mbulamuti used to be a big deal. The train came straight through town and pick up the cotton crop. There’s an old warehouse, what used to be offices and nice houses, and an old grain mill. The old grain mill is now the church. And this is what it looks like today:...

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My value is not in the eyes of the world

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By nature, I’m a pleaser. And that’s a difficult personality trait to have sometimes. Because, let’s face it, some people just aren’t easy to please. But then, why in the world am I trying so hard to please them anyway? It’s really strange. It can be a complete stranger. I just don’t want to let them down or disappoint them in any way. But I don’t know them and will never see them again, so, why does it matter? I feel like that’s a constant struggle for me. I have a little note in my phone that I refer back...

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Love Your Neighbor

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I recently saw a friend post this statement on Facebook: Why couldn’t Jesus have said “Just don’t hate your neighbor”. It’s so true for so many of us. So many times we want to overlook the real meaning of “Love your neighbor as yourself”. It’s pretty easy to look at that say, “well, I’m not hurting my neighbor, so it’s all good.” But that’s not what it says. And let’s not miss the other part of that…”as yourself”. That doesn’t mean take care of yourself first, then, if you have money, food, time, etc., leftover that you then use it...

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