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My value is not in the eyes of the world

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By nature, I’m a pleaser. And that’s a difficult personality trait to have sometimes. Because, let’s face it, some people just aren’t easy to please. But then, why in the world am I trying so hard to please them anyway?

It’s really strange. It can be a complete stranger. I just don’t want to let them down or disappoint them in any way. But I don’t know them and will never see them again, so, why does it matter? I feel like that’s a constant struggle for me.

I have a little note in my phone that I refer back to on a regular basis. It says “My value is found in the eyes of my creator, not the eyes of the world.” It’s an extremely reassuring and powerful statement. It refocuses my thoughts. It reminds me that God created me and loves me unconditionally. In His eyes, I am perfect. He doesn’t see my anxiety, my failures, my successes. He sees a person that He created in His own image.

It also reminds me that as long as I am pursuing Him in all I do, I’m on the right path, regardless of what the world tells me.

So, bring it on world. I’m ready.


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