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Education | Day 9 | 14 Days With Love

education nicaragua

We met these children high in the mountains of Nicaragua. They were so eager to learn. These girls have dreams to be everything from a teacher to a lawyer. And they all understood how important it was to get an education. With basic necessities taken care of, education becomes the next critical link to enabling the poor to step up out of poverty. -Joe

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Don Francisco's Home

coffee education hospitality nicaragua poverty

We love being part of a success story, and Don Francisco’s is hard to beat. He’s a true inspiration to us at Three Avocados. His farm is simply beautiful. In fact, it’s some of the most beautiful land we’ve ever seen. There are fragrant flowers and colorful butterflies all over the place. The views are stunning, as seen above, and we couldn’t wait to get a tour. We checked out the coffee and were thrilled to see the pride in Don Francisco’s eyes as he told us how he cared for his coffee. Soon we were lead up to the...

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Education in Nicaragua

education nicaragua poverty

  While in Nicaragua we toured a school within one of our coffee communities. Afterward, we sat with parents and listened to their concerns about the school system. Many of the teachers commute from the city and have no transportation to get up the mountain. This means that some teachers rarely show up on time or at all. Only two classrooms for all grade levels means that primary children are outside while school is in session without desks or chairs, and the school day is often shortened. Classroom materials are almost non-existant; and while the government is to provide workbooks...

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