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Passion | Day 10 | 14 Days With Love


Don Francisco is the human embodiment of passion, wrapped up in an amazingly small Nicaraguan frame. I was blown away by his story and what he has accomplished. His drive? His children. He wanted to provide opportunities for them that he didn’t have. And he saw coffee as a way to do that. He poured his heart and soul into his farm and has been able to educate his children, add running water and proper sanitation to his house, not to mention electricity. He’s even brilliantly diversified his crop so that he’s not 100% reliant on coffee. He’s the perfect...

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Education | Day 9 | 14 Days With Love

education nicaragua

We met these children high in the mountains of Nicaragua. They were so eager to learn. These girls have dreams to be everything from a teacher to a lawyer. And they all understood how important it was to get an education. With basic necessities taken care of, education becomes the next critical link to enabling the poor to step up out of poverty. -Joe

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Dreams | Day 8 | 14 Days With Love

dreams nicaragua

Everyone needs a dream. Three Avocados was born out of a dream and continues to be a dream for me. With access to clean water, better hygiene, and education, the dreams of the next generation can come true. So chase your dreams, and never give up. The world needs you. -Joe

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Nicaragua | Day 7 | 14 Days With Love

love nicaragua

In July of 2012 we fell in love with Nicaragua while visiting the areas surrounding Matagalpa. The women you see in this photo run the Las Nubes coffee cooperative. They work hard harvesting coffee, transporting coffee, and planning for the future. Their main desire is to be able to educate their children. It’s what they work for. And with our Nicaraguan coffee, it’s what we work for. -Joe

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Joy | Day 6 | 14 Days With Love

joy uganda

I absolutely love the joy in this photo! This was taken in a tiny village called Mbulamuti. It’s just outside of Jinja, Uganda. This photo captures everything I love about Uganda. The mud hut and yellow jerry can in the background speak to what little these people have. But, the smiles on their faces speak to the joy they have. They are so thankful for what they do have. Looking at this photo reminds me of how blessed I am, as well as how much I can learn from them. -Joe

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