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Education in Nicaragua

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While in Nicaragua we toured a school within one of our coffee communities. Afterward, we sat with parents and listened to their concerns about the school system. Many of the teachers commute from the city and have no transportation to get up the mountain. This means that some teachers rarely show up on time or at all. Only two classrooms for all grade levels means that primary children are outside while school is in session without desks or chairs, and the school day is often shortened. Classroom materials are almost non-existant; and while the government is to provide workbooks for each student it is rarely done. Novels and reading books aren’t present – in fact there isn’t a single book in sight. Students rarely make it past grade 3, and the nearest high school for those who want to attend is over 30 minutes away.

The parents pressed upon us how important they felt a good education was for their children. While we met to discuss school fees, uniforms, and teachers this sweet little guy hung out by us the whole time. When we were done talking this boy crawled into his mother’s lap, something my own 5 year old often does. In that moment I stopped and tried to imagine what it would be like to be this mom. To struggle to send my kids to school. To work so hard for their education, only to have the education system fail them. Then I thought about my own school and my own classroom where our bookshelves are full and students have a uniform for every day of the week.

Not only does Three Avocados Coffee provide an income for our coffee farmers, but it also helps provide educational materials for students. Paper, writing utensils, books – things schools need to operate. Your coffee purchases help make education a reality for students, just like this sweet boy. Our hope is that one day an education is possible for every child. To purchase our Nicaragua coffee, visit our website here.

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