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Who Cares?

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Who Cares? Me.

With that out of the way, I want to take a second to make a point about charity. I saw some comments today on Lowe’s Facebook page, where they are giving away $1M. One of the organizations that is up for voting is I like A lot. They’re good people. That’s beside the point though…

Go check out these comments:

Here’s what gets me – The argument that the money should stay in the USA. People are saying not to choose because funds will end up being used in another country. Who are we to decide that one life is more important that another? Because that’s exactly what you’re doing when you say money should stay here, go there, etc.

Yes, I founded Three Avocados and chose to use the money to fund projects in Uganda. But that doesn’t mean I think no money should stay in the US. I simply chased something that grabbed my heart. And that’s what I think everyone should do. I also think everyone should recognize that there are needs EVERYWHERE. That doesn’t mean you have to give to everywhere. But at least recognize it, respect the fact that all lives are equal, and support and encourage those who are working to make the world a better place.

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