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I Believe The Foundation of Christianity is Love

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If you follow Three Avocados at all on this blog or Twitter or Facebook, you know that we are an organization born out of a Christian mission trip and founded upon Christian principles. You know that I am a Christian. But I don’t call us a “Christian organization” or a mission. It was actually quite a struggle when starting the organization.

Ultimately, it came down to this: I am a firm believer that people’s physical needs must be met before their spiritual needs can be met. I am not a huge fan of tying clean water to the Gospel message to the point where the poor and needy feel as if they must ‘accept’ this message in order to receive their clean water. I honestly don’t think that’s how God wants it to be either. He doesn’t want people to be forced to believe in Him.

I believe the foundation of Christianity is love. Love for all people. Regardless of differences. Regardless of sin. This means that I am willing to help others with no conditions attached. I believe in letting the light of Jesus shine through me. If they ask “why?”, a door has been opened. They are ready to hear. After all, this is grace – a gift that is without merit. Isn’t that what being a Christian is really about?

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