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World Water Day

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Happy World Water Day, 2011!

To celebrate World Water Day, we wanted to take a moment to take a look at what is happening without clean water:

  • 1.1 Billion people do not have access to clean water
  • 42,000 people die each week due to a lack of clean water
  • Of those 42,000, 90% are children under 5
  • In some African nations, mothers do not name their children until they are 1 year old due to infant mortality rates

Clean water can change this. With access to clean water:

  • An estimated 10% of disease burden globally can be eliminated
  • Young girls can attend school instead of walking miles for water daily
  • Women are free to work and become community leaders, generating income and helping improve their communities
  • Men and women are able to spend more time working, and less time recovering from illness, improving their economic situation
  • Those living in poverty can have hope

Clean water is essential to life, and together, we have the opportunity to provide clean water and change the world together! Today, on World Water Day, we encourage you to give a gift to to help them provide clean water, and change your coffee to Three Avocados to help us provide clean water in Uganda!

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