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Three Avocados...That's a Strange Name

Ever wonder why a coffee company is named “Three Avocados”? I mean, what do avocados have to do with coffee?

Well, pretty much nothing. No, the coffee does not have avocados in it. And yes, I’ve really been asked that before.

However, avocados have everything to do with WHY we started Three Avocados. In January of 2010, a group of us were in Uganda on a mission trip. We were worshiping with a congregation in the village of Bulopa. As the offering basket went around, a widow placed three avocados into the basket.

I saw this and was stunned. For two reasons: First, I couldn’t fathom being so poor that I didn’t have a few shillings. For reference, 2,000 shillings is about 1 dollar. That means 1 penny is about 25 shillings.  She didn’t even have a shilling. All she had were some avocados. Second, if that’s all I had, I can’t imagine putting that into the offering plate. It was a huge act of faith. To me, it was also a huge calling of “You must do something”.

After a number of products evaluated, coffee was chosen. That story also tells you why we’re a non-profit. I wanted to ensure that every penny of profit went back to helping the support the people that need it most and help enable them to break the cycle of poverty.

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