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Poverty, coffee and Nicaraguan hospitality

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Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central American Isthmus. It’s also the poorest country in Central America. Years of political instability and war created massive poverty.

With a population of six million, the country is very diverse, with a multiethnic population including Africans, Europeans, Asians and native tribes from the Mosquito Coast. Though Spanish is the national language, many speak English or other indigenous languages.

As a developing country, Nicaragua struggles with both political and economic issues and as a result deals with a high level of poverty and underemployment.
We visited Nicaragua last summer to learn about the culture and how we could help Nicaraguans.

Despite the struggles the typical Nicaraguan family faces, we were continuously amazed at their generosity and hospitality.

We were there to serve, but at the same time we found ourselves being served. Families welcomed us into their homes, sharing their meals and time with us.

We had the opportunity to meet with communities and hear what was important to them. We heard about their daily lives, their struggles and their dreams. Like us, the parents simply want what’s best for their children and want their children to have a better life than they did – and they work hard to give it to them.

We toured numerous small family coffee farms throughout the awe-inspiring mountains above Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The views are utterly breathtaking – and the coffee equally spectacular.

At Three Avocados, we’re proud to be bringing you this wonderful coffee paired with an amazing cause.

Your purchases will help to educate the next generation of Nicaraguans – to help fulfill the dreams of the communities we visited.

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