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I need your help. I need to sell some coffee. A lot of coffee. Why? Two reasons. First, there are people in Africa that you’ve never met, that I’ve never met, that are in pain. They hurt. Physically and emotionally. There are orphans, widows, and babies being born with AIDS. There are children that can’t be fed. There are children getting sick and dying from drinking the very water they must drink in order to live. We can’t ignore them. We can’t pretend they don’t exist. At least I can’t.

Second, my heart aches to help these people. To give to them. That’s why I started Three Avocados. I went to Uganda in January 2010 and couldn’t believe how these people lived. What they struggled with on a daily basis. What we have in the USA and take for granted. I made it my life goal to help these people.

The problem? I had a few thousand bucks to spare. Not enough to fix everything. Not even enough to provide one village with a well. And I felt called by God to do something bigger than write a check. So I crunched some numbers. I did a high level feasibility study. And I asked some people for some additional money to get this started. I ordered 1056lbs of Uganda Bugisu coffee. I contracted with someone in St. Louis to roast it. And here we are. And it’s good coffee. No, it’s great coffee. Drinking some as I write this.

I had a dream. I still have a dream. I want to sell coffee. A lot of coffee. How much? $100 Million a year worth of coffee. And give 100% of the profits to the poor. Provide clean water. Provide education. Provide microloans. Help break the cycle of poverty. To change the world. That’s my dream. And I’m not going to stop until I get there. And if I get to $100 Million/year…then the target moves up. Until I die or poverty is eradicated from this earth, I will not stop.

That’s where you come in. Buy some coffee from us. For real. Right now. Fulfill my dream. Change a life of someone you’ve never met. Enjoy some great coffee. If the coffee sucks, what do you lose? A few bucks? And that’s more important that helping someone? Than saving a life? But the coffee doesn’t suck. You’ll love it. And you’ll know you’re helping. So go buy some coffee now. It’s not about me. It’s about them. You’ve never met them, but you can change their lives.

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