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Nice to meet you!

Hi! We're glad that you wanted to learn more about us. As we said, we use coffee to provide clean drinking water in developing countries. We partner with churches, coffee shops, businesses, and individuals to make it happen. How does it work? Simple - by purchasing our coffee, you're providing clean drinking water.

How much of the money goes to clean water?

Three Avocados is a non-profit, so at the end of the year, the profits left over are used to provide clean drinking water, typically around $2 per 12oz bag sold.

Why "Three Avocados"?

Yeah, we said there was a story about that, didn't we?

While visiting Uganda in 2011, we witnessed an amazing widow give virtually all that she had so that a pastor could eat. Her gift? It was Three Avocados. Her selfless gift inspired us and became our namesake to remind us daily why we began.

How do I get involved?

We'd love you to become part of the story! Email us. We'd love to work with your church, business, or even your house!