Fairly Traded, Organically Grown

We are proud to say that our coffee is grown organically and is fairly traded. Unfortunately, our coffee is not certified as "Fair Trade" or "Organic". The reason behind this is simple: The small cooperatives that grow our coffee simply cannot afford the cost of certification. The certification process cost ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. For a person with an average income of about $1/day, that cost is simply unattainable, even when split amongst the farmers in the coop. We hope that as we grow, we are able to help the coop obtain the necessary certifications.

The good news is that we know our farmers are paid 20% above market prices for the coffee they grow. We also know our farmers use only organic methods to grow the coffee. This ensures our farmers are receiving a more-than-fair wage and you are receiving the best quality coffee possible.